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s, France, where leaders of the world's major economies are seeking ways to contain the crisis and promote world economic growth. Santos warned that the Latin American countries wo


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des struck a highway in Guatemala Satuarday and the fatalities had risen to 22, according to Guatemalan officials. "We are told that there are 150 missing ... Under the earth ther.

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Wednesday hailed the country's strong institutions, and downplayed current tensions between government and opposition forces. "Even though it is often said that there are crises,.

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k that "We don't have to contain ISIS. We have to defeat ISIS." "It's a debacle, and he (Obama) still doesn't get it," the senator said then, adding that the turmoil in Iraq was pr.

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or an ambitious bullet train project that links the country's two largest cities due to a lack of competition from potential bidders. Transportation Minister Cesar Borges told a pr.

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term a number of issues could weigh on stocks, with some traders expressing concern that a delay may create asset bubbles. Full story ? Dow, S&P 500 set record highs on Fed's "no t.

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territory. Before the official ceremony, Santos attended on Saturday morning a symbolic ceremony with the spiritual authorities of four ethnic groups in Sierra Nevada de Santa Mart.

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cted to make sure there was not erosion of the railways. There was then the question of getting employees back to work. As the mayor asked at the same briefing in 1 Police Plaza, .

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General Secretary Jose Miguel Insulza to the CELAC summit in Havana, but this did not mean any changes in Cuba's relations with the U.S.-based OAS. It will be the first time in ha.

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litan area," adding "there will still be flight cancellations at the Ezeiza international airport and the metropolitan airport," as it happened in the last four days. "Given that t.

Yellow cartoon -国拍自产学生

of foreign investment in Mongolia, while its yearly assistance to the Asian state has averaged 10 million U.S. dollars over the past 20 years. "Mongolia expressed its appreciatio.


A agreement as one means of achieving this. He has pledged to decide by May on how to proceed on the base issue. LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18 (Xinhua) -- Education Secretary Arne Duncan

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l surgery of President Santos" via his Twitter account. Santos also received greetings from fellow Latin American leaders including counterparts of Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Brazil an

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e no guarantee that 2016 will be marvelous," she said during an interview with radio stations in Sao Paulo. "It probably will not be, but neither will it be full of immense diffic.

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The International Atomic Energy Agency proposed last autumn that Iran takes its uranium of 3.5-percent purity to other countries, where it can be processed into high-enrichment u.

Yellow cartoon -国拍自产学生

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Lico has climbed to 3.5 billion U.S. dollars. That figure included the cost of the spill response, containment, relief well drilling, grants to the Gulf states, claims paid, and fed.

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only responsible to their shareholders. But now people are realizing that this isn't a zero-sum game. No matter their political leanings, Americans expect corporations to be profi.

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vity and the need to protect people's interests. Productivity would be decisive to curb the high prices for items included in the basic basket of goods, a serious problem affectin.

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my, while another 9 percent said the U.S. should reduce the outsourcing of jobs. Meanwhile, 11 percent of the respondents listed decreasing taxes as the best way to save the U.S. e

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e people, racial discrimination is evident in the law enforcement and judicial systems, and immigrants' rights and interests are not guaranteed, said the report. ? Senate Majority

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