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drug trafficking while celebrating the 189th anniversary of the country's independence. Public safety and drug trafficking are top priorities of the government, Chinchilla said dur


re currently a vestige of colonial rule. The two countries went to war over the islands on April 2, 1982, and the conflict ended with Britain reasserting its rights over the territ.


ther notice. Some motorists who tried to drive through a thick screen of smoke had overcome by smoke inhalation, and were sent to hospitals for treatment. Motorists who were trying .


h 61 percent of Asian immigrants in recent years possessing at least a bachelor's degree. Some 82 percent of Asian Americans are satisfied with their lives overall, while 75 percen.


southeast region, where most of the country's hydroelectric power plants are located, is suffering from a dry season. As the country depends largely on hydropower, which accounts.

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ce have held joint quarterly meetings with leaders of the Muslim community in Tarrant County, in "a collaborative effort of the FBI and Arlington Police to engage the Muslim comm.

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P.J. Crowley told reporters. "The United States firmly believe that both sides can and should work out disagreements peacefully through earnest negotiation. Violence is not an acc.

ch is a key element in expanding and diversifying the national economy. Sellal emphasized on the government's commitment to "safeguard long term energy security to maintain its pos.

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