f all, a woman who was extraordinarily lucky to be able to pursue her dreams in a country where anything is possible, our country." She said in the Parliament that she hopes they d.

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Venezuelans to ignore the rumors about Chavez's health, saying they were being spread due to "the evil and the hatred of the enemies of Venezuela." According to the Venezuelan Con.

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o about 1.1 million tons. "Our concern is that the subsea permafrost has been showing signs of destabilization already," Shakhova said. "If it further destabilizes, the methane em.

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d silver project. "We are offering a 100-million peso reward for information that leads us to rescue these people," El Colombiano daily quoted Humberto Guatibonza, director of the.

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to the U.S. state of Nebraska, where the oil would be shipped to refineries in Texas. "We await a timely decision (from the United States) on this project," he added. The U.S. Stat.

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bassadors to four countries, namely Syria, Azerbaijan, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Recess appointment is usually made when the nomination is, for some reason, blocked in the Se .

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t. The plaintiffs contend that over 14 months, beginning in 2006, the FBI used Monteilh to "indiscriminately" collect personal information on hundreds or even thousands of Muslim A.

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asked Chavez: "Why don't you shut up?" The incident caused brief tensions between the two countries, but they were solved later 2008 when Chavez and Carlos met in Spain. The Ibero.

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ted for less financial regulation and been openly against the Volcker Rule, a provision of the post-crisis Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act holding that .

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